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This is a description of a ower button

After completed assembly and visual check the PDU is connected to the PDU testing centre

The testing centre consists of an electrical appliance tester, server interface & data logging software and automated switching device(s)

An appropriate test lead is fitted into each socket (or socket gang) on the PDU (whether it is an IEC C13, IEC C19, SAA 10A GPO or a SAA 15A GPO) prior to starting the test. This manual insertion test also identifies any sockets that may have been damaged or  terminals being misaligned in the building process

The PDU part numbers are entered into the database along with an order reference number for batch manufacturing. The relevant test parameters are loaded;

  - Earth test for each socket (or socket gang)
  - Earth test for main PDU chassis
  - Insulation resistance test for each socket (or socket gang)
  - Polarity test for each socket (or socket gang)

The database automatically allocates a serial number to the PDU

After initiating the test the automatic switching device will select each socket in turn and the database will perform the above mentioned tests

In the event of a failure the testing window will flash red and indicates the failed test

When the testing is successfully completed the testing window is green and shows that all tests have been completed for each socket (or socket gang). The test data is stored in the database

The label printing software produces a label with serial number (and barcode), part number, order reference and test date. This label is affixed to the PDU and allows identification via the serial number or order reference number

A final visual inspection is performed before packing


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