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Why is it important to have a "Power Monitoring" solution for your Data Centre?

By actively metering the power draw of each rack, data centre providers were immediately able to see that up to 70% of racks were well and truly over their Kilo Watt per rack estimates.

In some recent studies, up to 10% of racks were more than double their kilo watt per rack estimates.

This can lead to some major consequences. I have listed 5:

  1. Downtime: In the event of a power failure, the server rack doesn't comply with its N+1 design (no more than 50% load on each PDU) and you will lose the entire server rack
  2. Void Warranty: Not enough cooling to that server rack can lead to servers voiding their warranties due to high temperatures
  3. Hot Spots: More hot spots arise as adjacent racks nearby are consuming more air
  4. Not enough capacity: Your cooling system capacity may not have the capacity to exhaust the heat
  5. Hot Air Not being exhausted: Hot air is being circulated to the cold aisle

Whether you are deploying a switchboard metering, smart PDU, switched PDU, non invasive power metering solution or a combination of all; power capacity is crucial to save you from a downtime disaster waiting to happen.


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