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24 way Smart PDU 11.1kVA


This is a picture of a 24 way switched PDU with IEC C13 & C19 sockets
  • Web enabled HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP, SNMP, UDP

  • Total Power Monitoring by local meter, web & SNMP

  • 21 x IEC C13 10A Sockets

  • 3 x IEC C19 15A Sockets

  • 400V 32A 3-Phase

  • 11.1kVA

  • User defined Alarm Thresholds for warning & overload

  • Temperature & Humidiy sensing port onboard

  • Bundled Software to monitor up 250 x PDUs & 250 x Sensors

 Power & Monitoring

 Power & Monitoring  Current Load (A)
 Access  Via ethernet (web browser enabled)

 Depending on Model

 10/100 BaseT Ethernet



 SNMPv1, 2, 3




 RS-232 (Serial)

 Socket Protection
 Breakers  3 onboard

 Email  Yes
 SNMP  Yes
 Events  Yes
 Power Warnings
 Overload Warning  Yes

 Socket Protection
 Breakers  3 onboard


 Height  1645mm
 Width  56mm
 Depth  80mm
 Weight  8kg
 Hard wired IP65 Gland
 400V 3-Phase 3P+N+E
 Input Per Phase
 Cord Length  3.0m
 Input Plug
 Choose from IEC 309 or a Captive Style Screw Lock Plug. Click here
 230V 50/60Hz full range
 Sockets  21 IEC C13 10A & 3 IEC C19 16A  
IEC C13 socket female connection                     IEC C19 socket female connection
 11.1 kVA
 Yes (3)
 SSL Indication  1 Yellow LED
 DHCP Indication  1 Green LED
 Circuit Status  3 Red LED
 Network  1 RJ45 for Ethernet/Web
 Temp./Humidity  1 RJ11 for Temperature and Humidity Sensor connection
 PDU ID  1 Digit seven segment for PDU Identification
 Current Meter

 3 Digits seven segments for True RMS Metering
 Range: 0A - 20A
 Resolution: 0.1A
 Precision: +/-2% +/-0.1Amp

 Temperature  0° C ~ 40° C
 Humidity  0% ~ 90% non-condensed
 Warranty  Two years


 ※ The specifications may be changed without notice; contact our sales for the latest information.

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