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Internal UPS Network Card

This is a picture of a External UPS Network Management Card
  • Real Time UPS Health Monitoring
  • Comprehensive UPS Management
  • Web, NMS, Java Applet, Telnet, SNMP Ready
  • Supports Radius & NTLM v1
  • Multiple Networking Platforms
  • Mult Level Event Handling
  • Extensive Log Tracking
  • Programmable Threshold Alerts

As Business becomes increasingly dependent on technology for even fundamental operations, the need for system availability is of paramount importance.

The External UPS Network Management Card (also available in short form factor) is designed with real time UPS health monitoring, with comprehensive management and flexibility in configuration via a Web Browser, NMS, Java Applet, Telnet, SNMP, or Hyper Terminal. Protecting up to 250 servers with graceful shutdown software, you can rest assure that in the event of un expected power outage will ensure that your organisations information remains sage.



• Remote and shareable accessibility

• Centralised and distributed manageability

• Web-based interface usability

• Multiple networking platforms availability

• Various device / protocol driver portability

• Multi-level event alerting

• Event log traceability

• Real-time UPS health monitoring

• Comprehensive UPS management and flexible configuration via Web Browser, NMS, Java Applet, Telnet, SNMP, or Hyper Terminal

• Automatic events notification via E-mail, mobile phone (WAP), short message (SMS), SNMP Trap, and PDA

• Graceful shutdown to protect up to 250 servers/workstations from data loss due to power outage

• Automatically assigned IP via DHCP or BOOTP

• Scheduling shutdown/startup/reboot of UPS via remote control

• Regularly records UPS parameters for statistical analysis and event diagnostics

• Standard UPS MIB and USHA-proprietary MIB supported

• Auto-sense to works in the 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet network environment

• Configuration utility simplifies the firmware upgrade process

• Quick and easy installation

• Multiple languages supported

• Friendly user interface

• Support Radius and NTLM v1

• IPV6 supported

Java Applet Screen Shot

This is a picture of UPS Network Card Java Applet Screen Shot

Web Browser Screen Shot

This is a picture of a UPS network management card web browser interface



 Standard External UPS Card
 Dimensions (L x W x H)  138mm x 88mm x 30mm
 CPU 16-bit AC1105-G, 100MHz
 Memory  Flash rom 2MB (1 Mbitx16), SDRAM 2MB (1 Mbitx16)
 Network  Auto sense 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet via RJ45 connection
 Network Protocol  TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, Telnet, SNTP, HTTP, SMTP
 Serial Port

• 2 asynchronous serial ports for EMD communication

• Port 1 can also be used for UPS communication
• Port 2 can also be used for Console communication

 LED  Power: Green
 Status: Yellow
 10 LAN: Yellow
 100 LAN: Green
 Power Input DC  12V
 Power Consumption  3 watts maximum
 Operating Environment  Temperature: 0oC ~ 40oC (min.), Humidity: 10 ~ 80%
 Firmware Uprgade  Network Upgrade, Serial Upgrade (for recvoery use) will not interrupt UPS. Click here to upgrade
 Operating Sytems Supported  • Microsoft Windows 2000,ME,XP/2003,VISTA 
 • Novell 4.x ~ 6.x 
 • Solaris 8 ~ 10 
 • SCO UNIX 5.x 
 • SCO UNIXWare 7.x 
 • HP_UX 11i 
 • IBM_AIX 4.3 ~ 5.x 
 • FreeBSD 5 ~ 7 
 • Fedora 1 ~ 9 
 • Red Hat Linux 9 (upgrading soon)
 • Other Linux-derivative OS (Kernel 2.x or later)
 Extension Device Supported Temperature & humidity sensor with expansion for: 
• Motion Detector
 • Smoke Detector
• Security Detector
 • Water Leak Sensor
 • Vibration Sensor
  English, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese (please enquire for other languages)
 Approvals  CE, FCC Class B
 Warranty  2 years

Applications & Diagrams

This is a picture of a UPS Network Card Diagram topology

Remote UPS Monitoring and Management

  1. HTTP: Supports HTTP protocol. Remote UPS monitoring and management can be easily done through Web Browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape.

  2. SNMP: Supports SNMP protocol. Centralized monitoring and management the UPS can be accomplished by a Network Management System such as HP Open View.

  3. Java Applet: Java applet can be launched from within Web Browsers for real-time UPS status monitoring with    graphical data.

  4. Telnet: Provides alternative method for configuration of the UPS, which includes automatic log out function for    additional security.

  5. USHA View: Designed for simultaneous UPS services monitoring and management.


Proactive UPS Event Handling

  1. Event Log: Automatically records and displays UPS events, warning, and time stamps.
  2. UPS Status Notification:
  3. SNMP: notifies multiple hosts, previously assigned in an SNMP trap table, of UPS status and warning messages.
  4. Java Applet: notifies the Administrator of power events with a pop-up dialog box.
  5. Shutdown Daemon: notifies servers/workstations (Max 30) of power events and begins the shutdown procedure. Requires shutdown program to be installed on the servers/workstations.
  6. E-mail Notification: Daily routine information and power events can be send through E-mail.
  7. Mobile Phone: With WAP support, administrator can either browse the UPS information or receive the power   events short message (SMS) through mobile phone.
  8. PDA: Ability to browse UPS information through PDA.


Intelligent Shutdown Service

  1. User unattended shutdown: Automatically warns and shuts down UPS and connected devices
           * on the user-defined schedules or when there is a power event.
  2. User attended shutdown: Puts UPS to sleep mode or turns off/on the UPS.
  3. Safe shutdown operation: Provides countdown dialog boxes, and safely shuts down servers/workstations when there is a power event.

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