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This is a picture of an outdoor rack enclosure with 19inch mounting and IP65 ratingOver IP Group's IP55, IP65 & IP66 Outdoor Enclosures are made of high quality materials. Emphasising on waterproof foam rubber seals for ultimate protection for applications in telecommunications and data equipment protection in rural Australia.

With inbuilt stainless steel filters for dustproofing, a quick and easy knock down assembly for easy assembly and rapid deployment, our range of outdoor enclosures are ideal. With stainless steel hinging, advanced air exhaustion whilst keeping protection, the 100mm base re-inforces its waterproofing technology.

With a static weight load capacity of over 800kg, grounding devices and anti-tilt designing creates a safe environment.


Click here to try our configurator which guides you through need to know answers so we can propose the best possible soltuion for you. 

 Airtight design for waterproof applications from IP55, IP65, IP66

 Flexible cable arrangement for multiple equipments

 Inbuilt stainless steel filter for dustproof

 Knock down front & back door, easy assembling

 Inbuilt high quality foam rubber on the door ensures waterproofing

 Special waterproof lock

 Stainless door hinge ensures safety for tamper proof vandilism

 High quality materials used through out the enclosures

 Advanced air-exhausted device guarantees heat dissipation

 Strict structure design with a loading of over 800kg

 The 100mm-high base reinforces waterproofing

 Easy to assemble with a simple design for rapid deployment

 Beams are graduated in U

 Polyester-epoxy powder coating results in perfect finish for the outdoor's harsh environments

 Grounding device and anti-tilting design create a safe environment for OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety)

 Provision for a UPS/battery with cable gland provision

 Thermal insulating material enchased in components

 Can prevent conductive heat like outdoor ultraviolet radiation from infiltrating into the cabinet effectively

 Temperature management, control system & power supply system

 Either stainless steel or SuperDyma coated steel

 SuperDyma with its outstanding performance in some of the toughest environments. SuperDyma™ steel features

 excellent formability and provides outstanding performance for structural applications particularly in highly

 corrosive and alkaline environments. The metallic coating which contains zinc, aluminium, magnesium and

 silicon. The combined action of zinc, silicon and magnesium enhances the product’s ability to resist corrosion,

 particularly at cut edges.

 Double layer enclosure for ventilation whilst mainting IP55, IP65 or IP66 quality

 Cable glands for power to be sealed properly


This is a picture of a IP66 outdoor rack enclosure with 4 fans in top

This is a picture of a IP66 outdoor rack enclosure with cable glands for power & data cabling

This is a picture of a IP66 outdoor rack enclosure with internal heat exchanger

This is a picture of a IP66 outdoor rack enclosure with a double layer thickness skin

This is a picture of a IP66 outdoor enclosure front side and top view diagram

This is a picture of a three dimensional diagram  of a IP66 outdoor enclosure

Model IP55

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Rack Type




600mm x 600mm x 1000mm

Floor Standing

Two Fans

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600mm x 600mm x 1400mm

Four Fans


600mm x 600mm x 1800mm

Four Fans


600mm x 600mm x 2200mm

Four Fans


600mm x 800mm x 1000mm

Four Fans


600mm x 800mm x 1400mm

Four Fans


600mm x 800mm x 1800mm

Four Fans


600mm x 800mm x 2200mm

Four Fans


For IP65 & IP66 outdoor rack enclosures please enquire as they are custom built to suit your cabling, battery/power & cooling / heating requirements.

IP Rating Classifications

IPXY; X = Related to a surfacing solid object; Y = Related to a liquid object

X = Protection

Rating (solid)


 Y = Protection

Rating (Liquid)



 No protection


 No protection


 The length or diameter larger

 than 50mm will not be entered


 Against water falling vertically


 The length or diameter larger

 than 12.5mm will not be entered


 Against direct sprays from up to

 15 degrees from the vertical


 The length or diameter larger

 than 2.5mm  will not be entered


 Against direct sprays up to

 60 degrees from the vertical


 The length or diameter larger

 than 1.0mm  will not be entered


 Against direct sprays from all

 directions. Limited ingress



 Dust Protected - limited

 ingress  (no harmful deposit)


 Against low pressure jets from

 all directions. Limited ingress



 Dust tight


 Against strong jets of water.

 Limited ingress permitted.

 e.g. can be acceptable on

 ship decks, etc.




 Against temporary affects of

 immersion between 150mm

 - 1000mm, for 30 minutes


 Against long periods of

 immersion under pressure



 OIPG IP66 (IP55, IP65) Outdoor 19inch Rack brochure  PDF  1,342 KB 09/07/2014 
 OIPG 19inch Outdoor Rack Enclosure Air Conditioners brochure  PDF 985 KB 09/07/2014 


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