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Data Centre Security Caging

Over IP Group's unique data centre caging is designed and manufactured in Australia. Designed to protect your suite of server racks in your co location environment within a data centre.

We have a team available to consult with you on site for the right solution, capable of measuring on site to ensure we capture everything first time around, we design your custom computer room cage on a computer room floor layout for ease of mapping and installation and we are capable to deliver and install on site in most parts of Australia.


For the Cabling Contractors and Electrical Contractors
We understand that in most computer rooms, data centres and telecommunication exchange sites, there are already a team of very capable cabling contractors and/or electrical contractors that are familiar with installing cable basket tray work. Our data centre cage is designed in a way to make it quick and easy to put together. So, we are happy to provide our caging as a product set only and allow a structured cabling contractor and/or electrical contractor group to install our product. Please contact us on +61 2 8764 1841 if you are a cabling contractor and are interested in our package set to become a certified installer. 


This is a picture of a data centre cage for high security within a data centre


Sample Drawing


With a strong emphasis on:

  1. Rapid deployment with quick turnaround times in manufacturing
  2. Using the latest 3D CAD software for precise dimensions
  3. On site measuring to take the guess work out of your custom security cage
  4. Custom design to suit your data centres' needs
  5. High level security design
  6. Custom anti-static powder coating colouring
  7. Providing you with drawings of your floor layout prior to us manufacturing so you feel at ease


We have countless options to choose from, see below: 

  • Punched Cage Panels
  • Solid Cage Panels
  • Bars or Cage Panels above cage to ceiling for high security
  • Bars or Cage Panels below computer room raised floor for high security
  • Single Sliding Door
  • Double Sliding Door
  • Single Swinging Door
  • Double Swinging Door
  • Single automatic sliding door closures
  • Double automate sliding door closures
  • Single automatic swinging door closures
  • Double automatic swinging door closures
  • Motion sensor automatic door open and closing
  • Choose any colour to match your site so it keeps within the look and feel your company wants to portray
  • Custom logo on the door or naming of the co-location suite with the data centre


What is it made of: 

  • Cage panels made of 2mm steel
  • Door is made of aluminium for ease of moving and weight savings (if you require steel, please let us know)
  • 50mm x 50mm RHS horizontal and vertical support posts
  • High security bolts
  • High security dome head bolts


Standard Options:

  • 2400mm high wall both punched and solid
  • 1200mm wide panels
  • 50mm x 50mm horizontal and vertical posts
  • 2400mm x 1200mm sliding door
  • 240mm x 1100mm swinging door
  • Horizontal Bars for above or below


Unique Options we can do:

  • We understand each site is different so, a custom panel or post is always going to happen. We are prepared
  • Custom panels to fit around cable baskets, fibre duct, cold aisle containment, hot aisle containment and pipes
  • S shape bends on cage panels
  • Angled cage panels
  • Telescopic posts to aid in uneven ceilings and floors
  • Designing to fit onto existing data centre cages


If you feel like we are missing that last bit to finesse for your site, call us as I am sure with our teams of designers, installers and the director personally getting involved, we all should be able to deliver a solution you are proud to call it your own



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