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Power Distribution

Over IP Group provides a simple and effective power distribution suite of modular systems from the server rack, computer room and for the data centre. Power distribution systems need to provide per socket outlet metering, switching, upstream/downstream balancing and alerting of real time power utilisation for critical IT equipment. The reliance on robust and modular solutions from in server rack, to computer room floor to data centre grey space is needed with the demands from cloud computing, virtualisation and high density blade server farms becoming the standard.


Server Rack PDUs

This is a picture of a server rack PDU

All PDUs

Basic PDUs

Metered PDUs

Smart PDUs

Switched PDUs

DC Switched PDUs


ATS Dual Power

Power Cables

Plugs & Switched Outlets

Modular PDUs

Custom Made PDUs


 Computer Room

This is a picture of a computer room power solution

Busway System
Why use up white space on the computer
room floor when you have room overhead?
Save up to 15% of floor space usying
busbar techology.
The Busbar ROI is under 12 months!
Use the money you save for DCIM, Intelligent
CREMS or even a new team member.


Powerpak Remote Panel (PRP)
Flexible footprint of 600mm x 600mm enclosure with 84 pole distribution


 Data Centre Power

This is a picture of a series of data center power systems

Busway System

Deploying our Busbar solutions you could save up to 75% in labour costs,
15% in computer room floor space,
and deploy a new server rack power within 5 minutes.



PowerHub PDU
Highest Density Power Distribution from 150kVA - 750kVA 




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