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UPS & DC Systems

UPS (Uniterrupted Power Supply) Solutions are designed to keep your computers, servers and data centre infrastructure up and running after a power disruption.

Custom-built DC Systems, industrial UPS, rectifiers & inverters for solutions used for telecommunications, power plants and other applications.


This is a picute of a 6KVA UPS Line Interactive

Single Phase UPS

100VA - 6000VA UPS Solutions with either Standby, Line Interactive, or Double Conversion Technology. Available in Tower and Rackmount options
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 This is a picture of a 10KVA three phase UPS

3-Phase UPS

10KVA - 650KVA UPS Solutions with online technology that fully isolates and protects against all power quality disturbances.
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This is a picture of UPS Network Card with Temperature Port

UPS Network Management

IP Web Monitoring of your UPS Soltions. Products inlcude Internal Network Cards, External Cards, X and Y Slot Relay Cards.
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