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LCD KVM Drawers

LCD KVM Drawer technology available in a 15", 17", 19", 20" & 22" SAMSUNG Class A LCD panels with both PS/2 and USB (Combo) connectivity.

Optional integrated USB, PS/2 or Catx KVM switch with the LCD KVM drawer allows you to connect up to 32 servers (Catx), in addition to this the LCD KVM drawer can be cascaded 'or stacked' with our rackmount KVM switches to enable access to up to 256 servers with multi user functionality.


This is a picture of a 1RU 19

1RU Single Slide Enhanced LCDs

1RU - 2RU Single Slide & Dual Slide LCD KVM Drawers are available in 15", 17", 19" & 20" Screens. Integration of an 8 - 32 port KVM Switch.
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 This is a picture of a SUN SOlaris 17

1RU SUN Compatiable LCD KVM Drawers

Designed to SUN Standards, combining the SUN Micro Native LCD resolution of 1152 x 900.
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This is a picture of a 1RU Serial Console

1RU Serial Console Drawers

Serial Console Management with both 9 pin and 25 pin connectivity. Catx IP Serial Consoles 1 and 16 ports with SSH v2 and multiple platforms from WY-60 to VT220.
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Thi is a picture of a 9RU LCD Monitor

6RU - 9RU Rackmount LCD Monitors

17", 19" & 20" LCD Monitors with options of V Composite Video, S-Video, BNC, DVI, DC Voltge inputs & Serial/USB Touchscreen Controllers.

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