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19 inch & 21 inch Server Racks

This is a picture of a 47U 600mm 1200mm server rack

NetArc 19" Server Racks

Server Rack Enclosures for critical IT environments in computer rooms and data centre's. 22U - 47U high, 600mm - 1200mm wide & 600mm - 1200mm deep
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This is a picture of a 2U cable manager

NetArc Server Rack Accessories

Shelving, blanking panels, cable management, cage nuts, fans, digital handles, brush strips and much more.
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This is a picture of a 6U x 450mm wallmount with swing frame

Wallmount Enclosures

An entry level option for mounting 19" equipment from 6RU - 27RU and 350mm - 600mm deep. Swing frames optional. Removable side panels for ease of cabling and access.
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This is a picture of an outdoor rack enclosure IP66

IP66 Outdoor Enclosures

Maximum protection against the harsh elements of Australia with internal monitoring and double skin protection.
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This is a picture of an electrical enclosure group of different heights and widths

Industrial IP55 & IP65 Electrical Enclosures

Racks that are designed for panel mount applications like switchboards, electrical meters and much more.
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This is a picture of a c class rack with perforated door

B & C Class Rack Enclosures

SCEC Endorsed Racks and Chassis in various sizes with optional intelligent fans and pin coded handles.
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This is a picture of a co-location 3 tier server rack cabinet with perforated doors

Co-Location Server Racks & Network Racks

2 tier, 3 tier & 4 tier racks suitable for co-hosting data centres, customers that require internal billing or security from each department. With our unique design you can increase rack unit density with our flagship 47U x 800 wide co-location rack 58U both at the front and rear
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This is a picutre of HDOF Open Frame cabling cabinet

HDOF - Open Frame Systems - 4 post

An open frame system designed for high density applications of copper and fibre optic solutions. Moulded Finger Ductring Zones with the ability to pass through a fully loaded terminated patch panel.
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