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"Experience The Difference"

Our Vision

Protecting the World's Network through Technology Innovation

Our Purpose

To Influence the future of Computer Rooms


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Going N.U.D.E

Nurture  each customer, as each customer is unique 
 in their project criteria
Understand  each unique project, where the project is going 
 & how we shoud get their with the customer
Develop  the ideas with the customer and together come 
 up with a solution that span into the future
Engage  each idea and customer to ensure excellence 
 is acheived


We do all this by...

  1. Having a team of committed, consistent and respectful people who are always striving for excellence
  2. We work within our 10 points of culture to make sure that everyone will benefit greatly and in some way to move closer in achieving the goals they want to achieve
  3. Our products and services are of the highest quality, constantly striving to use the latest technology and are constantly pushing the boundary



  1. With 4 factories, 100,000 square metres, 10 engineers and over 300 team members producing our brands, Over IP Group is in a unique position to help the ICT industry acheive results
  2. With an additional 5 factories, 15 engineers and 400 team members at our disposal, we have the confidence to import world class products that have been continually enhanced for over 30 years of production


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