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01/10 /2015

Over IP Group becomes the National Distributor for AT&T Cabling Systems

Over IP Group now distributing AT&T Cabling Systems nation wide. Such sectors AT&T Cabling Systems produce include:

  1. Indoor Copper
  2. Outdoor Copper
  3. Indoor Fibre Optics
  4. Outdoor Fibre Optics
  5. Data Centre Solutions
  6. Racks and Cabinets
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Energy Standards for Data Centres/Telecommunications Buildings - ASHRAE Public Review - Have YOUR Say!

The purpose of this standard is to establish the minimum energy efficiency requirements of Data Centres for:
  1. Design, construction, and a plan for operation and maintenance, and
  2. Utilisation of on-site, or off-site renewable energy resources

Key aspects of this proposed standard to consider:

  1. Standard 90.4P would replace the prescriptive requirements of 90.1 if successfully approved and adopted
  2. This is a PERFORMANCE based standard, which means there are infinite approaches to demonstrate compliance, enabling the industry to continue its aggressive innovation
Take the time to review and provide your comments on this new proposed standard.  Any interested party can provide comments.


Residual Current Protection (RCD) - In the Data Centre

The latest developments in RCD technology to stop nuisance tripping, enable regular testing of IT equipment redundancy and offer quantum leaps in safety, writes Brisbane data centre engineer David Morley (clicking on his name will take you to his profile on LinkedIn).


A new way to Cut Costs to your Data Centre

C7 Data Centre’s Uses Data Decoupling To Cut Costs in the data centre


Why is it important to have a "Power Monitoring" solution for your data centre

Up to 70% of racks can be over their kilo watt per rack estimates.


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