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Cooling Solutions

Cooling your computer room, communications closet, data centre or outdoor equipment is becoming more vital then ever before. We offer a tailored solution no matter your cooling requirements. Cooling an individual rack, extracting heat with fans, cooling a computer room, outdoor applications, cooling a row of rack cabinets, high density servers where 20kw can be done by water and solutions that would aid data centres. Please see below our offerings depending on your cooling needs:


This is a picture of a cold aisle containment with 6 racks

Thermal Aisle Containment - TACTM

"Keeping the cool air where it belongs"; inside the cold aisle right next the heat intensive servers. Vendor Neutral it Reduces Power & Cooling Usage & Increase Server Efficiency.
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This is a  picture of a 72kw in row cooling rack with chilled water

40kW & 74kW In Row Cooling

In Row Cooling in 40kW & 74kW modules available in Chilled Water. Fans are variable speed with N + 1 redundancy. Ideal with hot aisle containment.
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This is a picture of tooless blanking panel sheets

Tooless Blanking Panels

Tooless blanking panels that snap in 1U incriments. 85% quicker than traditional cagenut steel steel blanking panels. Scalable from 1U - 50U. Comes in black and for special orders, nearly any colour you can imagine.
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This is a picture of a 10kw cool blade door with 4 fans

Cool Blade Door

3,440 m3/hr of air extraction with automated fans, our Air-to-Air Cooling Door Solution that extracts heat out of server rack cabinets. Web/SNMP enabled & Vendor Neutral to any rack manufacturer.
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This is a picture of racks with top and side mount AC cooling

Bolt on Air Conditioning Units to 19inch Racks

300W - 5kW Air Conditioning Units & Heat Exchangers. Side mount for rack cabinet enclosures that need protection against the elements in outdoor enviroments and where there is no building AC suitable to cool the rack directly in indoor environments.
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