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Over IP Group's evolving solutions for your computer room and data centre applications combine products such as 19 inch server racks, power distribution units, CREMS, Switchboard Energy Metering, Cooling solutions, Aisle containment, UPS, 1U LCD Units, KVM Technologies, Centralised Software management and other supporting infrastructure accessories like server lifts and brush grommet holders.


This is a picture of a 19 inch server rack 1000mm deep

19 inch Server Racks

A range of 19" Server & Network Rack Cabinets for Communication Closets, Computer Rooms, Data Centre's & Outdoor Applications.
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This is a picture of a PDU solution for the computer room solution

Power Distribution

Power Distribution Units designed for the 19 inch server rack that can be basic, metered, smart, switched per socket PDUs and PDUs for the computer room and data centre. A modular solution from in server rack PDUs, to busway with slideable tap off boxes, to branch circuit metering for switchboards and to floor distribution up to 750kVA. A tailored power metering solution from server rack to switchboard.
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This is a picture of a power protection schematic in a STS

Power Protection

Power Protection solutions designed for the computer room, telecommunication room and data centres. Static Transfer Swithces available in 3-pole and 4-pole with a wide range of amperages that provide 4 ms transfers. Bypass Maintenance Cabinets Available in either a two or three breaker design, with or without distribution and with or without transformers & seamlessly integrates with any vendor’s UPS system. 
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This is a picture of a power meter for current amps

Power Metering

Vendor Neutral Power Metering Solutions for the switchboard (BCMS - Branch Circuit Monitoring), distribution board, server rack PDU (non invasive and in rack PDUs) and Busway System Metering options available.
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 This is a picture of a data centre floor created in DCIM

DCIM - Data Centre Infrastructure Manager

A vendor neutral software package that will schematically show, log & record most vendors PDUs, UPS, CREMS, Cameras, Modbus, Server Applications. Have the ability to email, SMS and SNMP feature rich notifications to your NMS or BMS.
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This is a picture of a 24 port CREMS

CREMS / EMS & Security

A range of Computer Room Environmental Monitoring Systems that will monitor Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Air, Water, Gas, Digital Inputs, Dry Contracts, Digital Outputs, Volt Free Contacts & IP Remote Cameras.
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 This is a picutre of a computer room with containment

Cooling & Containment

Air to Air, Air to Water, Chilled Water & DX Cooling Solutions for Server Racks, Rooms, Cold Aisle Containments & Hot Aisle Containments. Cooling capacities range from 1kw to 72kw.
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 This is a picutre of a modular data centre in a 40 foot container

Modular Data Centres

A full turn key solution ranging from 10 foot to 53 foot containers and a 35kW to 500kW load of cooling capacity being achieved. Options like economisers for free-air mode, power cotainers, genset containers for a full plug and play delivery in under 18 weeks.
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 This is a picure of a UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Power Protection from single to three phase solutions. Applications that involve backing up your desktop, modular build as you go UPS to data centre facility to custom industrial design and installation.
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 This is a picture of cat6 cabling

Infrastructure & Network Cables

Solutions that will cover Intelligent Cabling, Copper (Cat5e, Cat6, 10Gb/s) Fibre Optic, Network Cables & PoE.
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 This is a picture of a 1RU 19


15", 17", 19" & 20" LCD Units. High Definition, Quad Display, Short Depth, Widescreen, High Brightness & Touchscreen solutions.
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 This is a picture of a KVM with remote IP access

KVM Solutions

KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) solutions from single to matrix multiple users. Catx technology, Remote IP Access & Serial Console Management. KVM Extender Ranges from VGA, DVI & soon to be HDMI connections.

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 This is a picture of a computer room raised floor with server racks

Infrastructure Accessories

Accessories to compliment your site with computer room flooring, brush stripping and automated server lifts with much more.
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