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IP Cameras

This is a picture of an IP camera

iCView is an affordable solution to your surveillance and security needs.  It allows the user to stream live video images to the internet without a PC.  It acts as your server / gateway to the internet specifically for streaming live video images.

In addition to eliminating the need for a PC, the user also enjoys greater flexibility.  It's compact size (48mm  x 63mm x 21mm), allows the device to be easily installed almost anywhere.   The 2 x USB ports also allows you to mix and match different camera to suit your security needs.


  1. Resolution options, up to 640x480 (for higher resolution cameras please contact us)

  3. Motion Tracking

  5. Digital Pan&Tilt with static camera

  7. Advanced Motion Detection (based on imaging)

  9. Zoom to custom window

  11. Scroll bar for digital zoom

  13. Monitor custom window

  15. Support Pan Tilt function on PPC, PDA phone or symbian phone

  17. Multi language support

Web Browser Screen Shot

This is a picture of an IP camera web interface for 2 cameras

Dual Camera Java Based Screen Shots

This is a picture of a screen java applet shot for 2 IP cameras

Hardware Specification:

• 32-Bit RISC CPU inside This is a picture of a network diagram for USB IP Cameras
Click on image for larger view

This is a picture of a 2 port IP Camera USB hub
Click on image for larger view

• 1MB Flash Memory

• 8MB Dynamic Memory

• Power input at 5.3VDC 1A Max
• Operating humidity at 10% to 90%
• Operating temperature at 0C to 60C
• 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet connection
• Built-in 2 USB ports
• Supports USB 2.0 and USB1.1
• Built-in LCD display and LED indicators
• Support all USB PC Camera using VIMICRO ZC0301 Plus processor
• Remote access using any Java enabled web browser
• Windows based
• Network protocal: HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, PPPoE, DDNS, DNS, SNTP,
• Weights only 75grams
• Compact size at only 48mm x 63mm x 21mm


Step 1:

Connect the provided USB camera into one of the iCView USB ports.  You must use either those provided, or one that carries a VIMICRO chip.

This is a picture of 2 usb ports for IP cameras

Step 2:

Connect iCView to the LAN, using the provided Ethernet cable or a standard CATx network cable.

This is a picture of a ehternet connector for IP cameras

Step 3:

Connect AC power output into iCView socket, and plug the AC/DC switching power adaptor (100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 200mA) input into the wall socket.

This is a picture of connecting power to IP cameras

Step 4:

The LCD will display the IP, Subnet and Gateway in rotationNow, use a standard browser to view the images.


This is a picture of an eye indicating IP camera active indicates that a USB camera is currently connected.

This is a picture of an IP address for IP cameras

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