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This is a picture of a maintenance bypass cabinet

Maintenance Bypass Cabinets
Available in either a two or three breaker design, with or without distribution and with or without transformers. Seamlessly integrates with any vendor’s UPS system.

Features include: 35 KAIC molded case breakers, two breaker and three breaker design, electrical interlock for performing testing or maintenance on the UPS, will work with any manufacturer’s UPS or as a stand alone unit, standard output terminal block provided for two (2) 350 MCM cables per phase.

Optional features inlcude: 65 KAIC current rating, custom designs available to suit your application, isolation transformers and distribution & key release solenoid interlock system.

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This is a picture of Static Transfer Switch with 4ms

Static Transfer Switch
With a sense and transfer time of less than 4ms and the industry’s best communication package, WaveStar® static switches represents the highest performance power switching solutions available.

Available in 3 pole and 4 pole ranging from 150A to 1600A with features such as Tri-Redundant Systems and Component Redundancy (both Logic Redundancy & System Redundancy).

Transfer Algorithms with POG and VSS (Volt Second Synchronising). POG algorithm provides fast transfers, 4 ms or less, 2 ms for manual transfer. VSS PDI’s Volt Second Synchronising method limits inrush of magnetic load with 4 – 8 ms transfers, depending on phase shift between sources. The VSS algorithm limits in-rush for 480V systems during initial start up, restarts and transfers to 2.0 x in-rush up to 180 degrees out of phase.

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This is a picture of a polyphaser

Surge Protection
Authority on Lightning and Surge Protection
PolyPhaser leads the market with its patented RF protection solutions, specifically supporting communications systems. Based on its extensive experience with multi-stage surge protection, PolyPhaser continuously expans its product offering to support the needs of advanced network applciatiosn with technologies such as DC Block DC Pass and Ultra Low PIM. 

Coaxial RF and Grounding Protection Innovation
Through innovative RF engineering and manufacturing capabilities PolyPhaser has created a protection technology that virtually assures uninterrupted communications flow of data and information through global networks. PolyPhaser provides a technologically advanced solution designed to overcome the inherent weaknesses associated with gas tube and quarter-wave technology. 

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