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CREMS 2 Port Monitoring Device

This is a picture of a 2 port CREMS Device
  • Web Browser enabled
  • Java Applet
  • 2 x Temperature & Humidity Combination Ports
  • 4 x Digital Inputs
  • Ideal for small Remote Site Monitoring

The INS range is an innovative remote environmental monitoring solution for critical facilities. It is SNMP enabled, web-based monitors with alert notification to prevent abnormal conditions or disasters in advance. The device monitors environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, voltage and other factors. It can be used in data centres through to remote rural sites.

 Real-time temperature/humidity and other environmental conditions monitoring
 Monitors the status of four user-provide contact devices to protect your critical equipments
 Management & flexible configuration via Web Browser, NMS/BMS , Java Applet, Telnet, SNMP or Hyper Terminal
 Automatic events notification via E-mail and SNMP Trap
 Regularly records environmental parameters for statistical analysis and event diagnostics
 Automatically assigned IP via DHCP or BOOTP
 Auto-sense to works in the 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet network environment
 Configuration utility simplifies the firmware upgrade process
 Quick and easy installation (Hot-swappable)

Web Browser Screen Shot


Java Applet Screen Shot

this is a picture of a crems java web interface screen shot


This is a picture of an application diagram of the CREMS 2 Port Monitoring Device


 50MHz micro controller


 512K x 16-bit

Flash ROM

 512K x 16-bit

LAN Interface

 Auto-sense 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet

Serial Port

 Two asynchronous serial ports for EMD and console communication

LED Display

 Power, Status, LAN 10/100 Link


 Real-Time-Clock, Reset button

Power Adapter

 Input: 100V ~ 240V 50Hz ~ 60Hz
  Output: 12 volt unregulated

Power Consumption

 3 Watts maximum

Network Protocol


MIB Supported


Firmware Upgrade

 Network Upgrade
  Serial Upgrade (for recovery use)

System Security

 IP-based filtering and password protection for operation and administration

Operating Environment

 Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
  Humidity: 10% ~ 80% non-condensed


 CE, FCC Class B


 5.24(W) x 3.46(D) x 1.06(H) in. / 133(W) x 88(D) x 27(H) mm


 Approx. 200g


 Two years



 Measures temperatures between 0ºC and 80ºC with an accuracy of +1ºC

Humidity Monitoring

 Measures relative humidity between 10% and 90% RH with an accuracy of +3%

LED Display


Digital Input

 Two inputs (normally-open or closed)


 2.26(W) x 1.48(D) x 1.15(H) in. / 57.4(W) x 37.6(D) x 29.2(H) mm


 Approx. 35g


Data Centre / Computer Room / Network Operation Centre Monitoring

Data Centre, Computer Room and Network Operations Centre's need to offer the highest levels of monitoring and data protection. They are often required to provide service on a 24 (hour) x 7 (day) x 52 (week) basis, designed and provided with network infrastructure, data cabinets, uninterruptible power supplies and air conditioning. All these data centre resources and equipments need to be protected from abnormal situations such as water leakage and rise in temperature or humidity. The INS helps administrators to monitor environmental conditions and prevents your valuable equipment from damages in advance.

Research Lab / Library

Research Labs/ Libraries for science or engineering are equipped with instruments and computers. Some experiments and equipments would be affected by humidly and temperature levels or by a power/voltage fluctuation. Especially for some Labs, the abnormalities will cause serious damages to property or lives. So to prevent this, network of sensors and monitoring devices could be used in the building to monitor the environmental conditions and alert the administrators/users.

Buildings / Warehouse

Air, water, temperature, humidity and security are very important factors in buildings and warehouses which need to be continuously monitored. A water leakage will damage goods, equipments or facilities. Sensors would sense and notify alert messages of water leakage, temperature being high / low, humidity levels and voltage drop elsewhere in a building. Door security alarms and motion detectors would prevent unauthorized intrusion. The benefit of the INS monitoring and reporting such potential problems is reducing the need for regular human inspection which is inefficient in huge buildings, especially with locations difficult to access.

Cold Storage/ Food & Beverage Industry Monitoring

The food and cold storage companies are getting smarter in their approach to monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity, etc. Managing the quality of supply chain in an expanding global market with an increasing variety of food items, fresh, minimally processed and fully processed, requires reliable scientific monitoring. In most cases, temperature frequently must be considered along with relative humidity, which thus must also be monitored accurately. Producers and Venders must strive to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity while doing the production and preservation. Shippers and handlers also need to consider the different requirements of what they transport. Frequently, too much moisture causes problems because it facilitates increased microbial growth. To perform all such accurate operations we had better take advantage of environmental monitoring devices.

Air Conditioner / Refrigerator Monitoring

Air conditioners are indispensable for people who live and work in glassed-in or windowless buildings, or in the warmest and most humid places. Refrigerators are essential to make food fresh for days or weeks. Occasionally, the drain lines of air conditioners / refrigerators may become clogged, resulting in a drain pan overflow, leading to water leaks in your ceiling or walls. The leakage of water or sudden rise in temperature could affect the environment or surroundings. To prevent such unpleasant situations, an environmental monitoring device such as inSentry will be helpful.

Greenhouse Monitoring

The INS is a useful tool for your gardening. With the help of the INS, protecting your plants, grasses, flowers, and shrubs from severe environmental conditions has been easier or more convenient. By monitoring environment condition, you can prepare your garden, greenhouse, nursery, or farm for conditions that benefit plant growth and prosperity. Environment conditions have an effect on the health and proper care of plants. Indoor gardening is a more controlled environment, and fragile buds need the proper temperature and humidity levels to flourish. Temperature and humidity levels are essential for controlling a greenhouse environment. The INS and EMDs ( Environmental Monitoring Device) can help you to monitor humidity as well as temperature.


 CREMS 2 Port Temperature & Humidity Device  PDF  1.5 MB 23/05/2011 



 CREMS 2 Port Specification
 200 KB

 New Release Notes




 User Manuals

  CREMS 2 Port Usermanual
 PDF  1.3 MB

 Software Releases

 Upgrade Utility v4.20 (discovering tool)
 RAR  155 KB
 Upgrade Utility v3.10 (discovering tool)  RAR  140 KB

 Firmware Releases

 CREMS 2 Port v2.07
 BIN  635 KB
 CREMS 2 Port v1.12  BIN  735 KB


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